Hello, I’m Henken

I have been working on this series since 2008. It represents mental models, experiences I’ve had, as well as ideas from the community during the pandemic of 2020. Some of the pieces are created from the translation of a direct thought: I have a plan in mind. Others are more spontaneous in nature: improvised drawings. I like to encourage my viewers to co-create themes for me to interpret.

One thing I am sure of is it’s most interesting if you are the one to assign the meaning.

[Art] is important because we all have individual experiences that can be articulated in words, but when experience is articulated as art (works) we open up the floodgates to exponential avenues of interpretation that cannot be accessed with words alone. This allows us to communicate on deeper levels and to understand each-other, our world, and ourselves better.

Henken, 2014 – Design Feaster Interview

Together we can find a collective way of understanding the true meaning.

Henken, 2020

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If you’d like to submit a theme for my work, or have a project you’d like to collaborate on. I’m all ears. If you have questions for me about my professional design work, please visit my design site.

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