Alone Together

Humble Offering, Ink and Gouache on Masonite, 2022
Collaboration, Ink and Gouache on Masonite, 2022
Meet Me in the Middle, Ink and Gouache on Masonite, 2022

“Alone, Together” began in 2008 when the artist had a vision of her relationship between herself and others as a psychic balance of yin and yang energies, in a world where such balance is often perceived differently by each person. It is through balancing the energy between two individuals, one on one, where the dynamics of psychic and emotional connection occur.

This series has been an ongoing refinement in her figurative studies with the medium of ink and gouache on masonite boards. She creates a unique world in which her figures live through the use of symbols and repeating imagery. Henken Bean’s process for creating the work is both meditative and conceptual. She does not reference models or images, but rather imagines herself as the figures in the work and puts herself in both their emotional and physical position, envisioning how gravity, mental-emotional state, and light would impact the figure‚Äôs posture and form.